We are excited about the release of our feature film "Redeeming Hope" on May 23rd! Because of the workload involved, we have temporarily put a hold on our store until that time so that we may place our full attention on the final tasks needing to be accomplished for this major release. (NOTE: All orders prior to April 19th have be shipped the week of April 16th.) — Caleb & Katie Garraway

The Gospel Film (personalized business cards)


Enter church information at end of checkout. (Please note: The only information going on this card will be the church name, address, phone number, and website. The QR code will take people to “The Gospel Film” on youtube. The number to call is an audio adaptation people can listen to over the phone.) Watch “The Gospel Film” on Facebook HERE or on YouTube HERE. Visit thegospelfilm.org for more details.

***Please note that the only information on this will be your church name, address, phone number, and website.***

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